Aircraft Welding's continuing dedication to quality and many years of industry experience assures our customers of only the highest quality service in the welding of common and exotic materials - including: aluminum, magnesium, steels, stainless steels, copper, nickel, titanium and other refractory materials.

Taking a proactive approach to quality, Aircraft Welding has an on staff AWS Certified Welding Inspector, AWS Certified Welding Educator, as well as, personnel actively involved with the ANSI/AWS D 17.1:2001 committees on welding for aerospace applications, the ANSI/AWS B5.2 Committee on the Qualification of Welding Inspector Specialists, Welding Inspector Assistants and a Certified ANSI ACCP Level III Visual and Optical Inspector.

Our commitment to quality is also evident with our on site P&WA LCS Laboratory equipped with a Wilson-Rockwell hardness tester, Unitron Metallograph, Buehler No. IA70AB Handimet Specimen Grinder as well as an Opti-Flex video image and measurement system which allows us to expedite those jobs needing these requirements.

We also encourage employees to become active in their chosen profession and several have been awarded certificates in basic welding metallurgy by the American Welding Society and metallurgy for the non-metallurgists by the American Society for Metals.

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